Help Wanted: Sacristans

Help Wanted

Is God calling you to participate in the liturgical celebration? All Masses are in need of Sacristans to help with the liturgy! Sacristans are vital to ensuring the liturgy flows smoothly.

What is a sacristan and what do they do? The role of the sacristan is to prepare the "things that are necessary" for the celebration of the liturgy. A Sacristan's primary concerns are to ensure that the Mass and Liturgy flow smoothly; to watch and anticipate – be proactive. After Mass, the Sacristan is responsible for the purification and cleaning of all of the vessels used at Mass, and returning them to their proper places, or preparing them to be used at the next Mass. Although, it is encouraged, you do not need to be an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion (EMHC) to be a Sacristan.

If you are interested, please contact Jonathan, Director of Music & Liturgy, at the office or through email,